What if a radio about design was designed by designers? Where could the outcome lead? What could be taught, learned and explored? How can we present design in an entertaining and compelling manner? Could there be a European design radio station?

In collaboration with the Köln International School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Aalto University and Glasgow School of Art, ENSCI from Paris founded an experimental design web radio station called EuDesignRadio seeking to answer these questions. The project was led by Zoé Aegerter and supported by the composer Roland Cahen.

From Cologne to milan

Together with fellow members of the project I travelled to the Cumulus Conference in Milan, which is hosted by Cumulus, a global non-profit organization consisting of members from over thirty associations that promotes art, media and design research and education. For three days, participants can attend live talks, discussions along with workshops at Politecnico di Milano and Instituto Europeo di Design.

We created an experimental radio series for three days where young designers questioned design and shared design culture across Europe. We broadcasted individual content from various other European university students, and interviewed and interacted with speakers from Cumulus.

Speakers had the opportunity to participate in sound games like Tasty Time, a game where the participant tastes a spoonful of mystery foods and tries to guess them, thereby initiating a discussion about the origins and diversity of our food. This game matched the theme of this year’s EXPO taking place in Milan under the topic “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

My task was to compose an experimental audio branding for the whole radio program. I also casted bands from Germany, edited music that was playing during the radio show, and interviewed some professors about their opinion on design.





Expo Milano


Playground – Tasty time


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