In order to plan, design, stage or animate movements, one has to understand them in detail. This project aimed to focus the eye more keenly on the details of movements. What do movements contribute to the character of an object or a living organism? How can I extract this character and make it useful to me? In this project, our team dealt with these questions more thoroughly in the form of experimental work. Artificial moving images in the form of film and animation are based on an optical illusion: a rapidly projected sequence of pictures merges into movement. Motion sequences are therefore coded when recorded and then have to be “decoded”, i.e. they have to be reprocessed in a special procedure, so that the impression of movement occurs.

This principle is addressed in the work “In Motion”: Movement is transferred into a static graphical form. Moving objects that exist in nature are first captured on film and then cut into a sequence of images, which are then mounted onto a single abstract picture by means of a line grid. With the help of a template the object can now again be changed back into its original moving form – an animation. The viewer himself becomes an actor here and discovers the object through his own movement as well as through the principle on which modern moving images are based. I was responsible for the poster design. The project was led by Andreas Schimmelpfennig – creative director of the cologne based agency Elastique.