Sensing the city / Capturing Cologne was a project at Köln International School of Design about transforming data from the city into visual and acoustic representations. The project consisted of 7 different sub projects of different student groups, all dealing with different types of data ranging from peoples own experiences of the city to visualized weather data. This work deals with one of Cologne’s most important data set – the people. It is about listening to them and connecting with those who are around us every day. The woman in the small shop and the man in the underground who tells us a small anecdote. The visualization of this installation shows all these stories that reach right up to the balcony of t.a.t. towers through the pipes in the switchboard, in order to give all visitors the opportunity of being able to be connected through their stories.

The aim is to awaken emotions and thoughts, and initiate discussion about life in and around Cologne. In our team, I took over the task of interviewing around 100 persons in Cologne on specific topics over several days. After being evaluated, these were divided into four groups. Then I worked on the original material of several hours’ duration, and from it arranged four sound tracks that were played back on the respective pipes of the installation in a loop. I was also responsible for the corporate identity of the exhibition. The project was led by Prof. Andreas Muxel, the composer Carlo Peters, Eduard Paal, Michael Jurisch and Jennifer Bagehorn.

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Sensing the City / Capturing Cologne