The special challenge of this project was to create a high-conceptual short clip for a specific reason, occasion, client or vent in 6 weeks and also to find an external physical space in Cologne – i.e. a concept store, product showroom, gallery etc. which lets you set the purposed video in scene for a certain time.

I was asked to compose a song for a spatial audiovisual installation called „Bound“ which was exhibited in the plants store Miraflor. It was realized and set up by the Designers Dmitry Kuznetsov and Alejandro Mirena. They wanted to show how incredible nature is and how much it is us and created an installation which is as alive as

the plants around it. So they have set 3 screens and some fans for the air movement for the projection. In the film, you will see rather abstract interaction, where the human tries to understand or even embody different plants until she feels the bound with one in particular. My task was to communicate this concept through my music and to underline the thoughts behind it by transporting the emotion. „Bound“ was part of the project „CCC – Context – Contact – Content“ initiated by Prof. Nina Juric.